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Natural Eye Cream Vs Chemical Products – Which is More Effective?


It is not surprising to find one too many people doubting the efficacy of natural eye cream. Chemical products have higher sales pitch than the natural ones because we have it in our head that those chemical-based ingredients are more powerful than the natural ones.

It was not until recently that people have begun to recognize the benefits of using natural eye cream. That is due to the recent reports about chemical-based products that contain potentially toxic ingredients such as mercury. The truth is, we should not be using chemical ingredients for the thin skin around our eyes anyway. These ingredients might prove to be too harsh for our delicate skin structure in this area of our body.

The efficacy of natural eye cream products should not be underestimated especially now that there are new and improved ingredients at our disposal.

Here are some of those ingredients that have made an impressive breakthrough in the eye cream industry:

1. Eyeliss
This is a special kind of ingredient that helps plump skin cells. According to experts, this is effective in improving the structure of think skin integrity in this area of the body. It can help thicken up the dermis structure in the eye area. This way, it is not vulnerable to tissue damages or the attack of UV rays.

2. CynergyTK
This ingredient is naturally derived from sheep wool. I personally think it is a struck of genius because who would have thought sheep wool has the ability to prevent wrinkle formation? But because wool grows easily, experts have singled it out for special attention. They have discovered that it actually contains functional keratin which is what makes our hair and nails grow too. This is the necessary ingredient that can help regenerate collagen and elastin in our dermis to enforce dermis integrity to an aging skin once again.

3. Phytessence Wakame
You might have heard of this sea kelp if you are a fan of Japanese cuisine. It can help get rid of harmful enzymes in the body that tend to break down hyaluronic acid. This acid should be protected because it is necessary for cushioning collagen proteins. Phytessence Wakame will help you in preserving hyaluronic acid.

Why go for more aggressive methods when you can use natural eye cream that can rival, if not even surpass, the benefits of those creams and methods you have tried in the past?

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